The Practice is committed to your total family care.

Consultation fees are:

Description Item No Practice Fee Medicare Rebate Out of pocket Fee
Brief Consultation 3 $42.90 $17.90 $25.00
Standard Consultation 23 $64.10 $39.10 $25.00
Long Consultation 36 $100.75 $75.75 $25.00
Extended Consultation 44 $136.50 $111.50 $25.00

All Work Cover consultations must be paid by the patient, unless a valid Claim number is provided at the time of the consultation.

Other Consultation fees are:

Pre-Employment Medicals $150 + GST
Taxi/Truck/Uber Licence $120 + GST
Workcover (not covered by Medicare)

Standard Fee $65.00

Workcover (not covered by Medicare)

Long Consultation $115.00

New Billing Structure for Procedures:

We are moving away from fully Bulk Billing any procedure consultations and introducing a “Mixed Billing” system, and therefore, it will be necessary to have your initial consult visit paid in full at the time of the visit.

Your invoice will display the MBS item number and amount and any other charges that may NOT be subject to Medicare billing.

You can claim the Medicare rebate portion of the invoice at the time of payment if you have a My Gov account and use the card registered with My Gov; however, the balance of the invoice will be an out of pocket payment.

Implanon Insertion $35.00???
Implanon Removal $45.00???
Implanon Insertion & Removal $125.00/$200
Wound Dressing $50.00 – 150.00
Wound Suturing $63.00
Punch Biopsy $150.00
Excision Biopsy $200.00
Shave Biopsy $150.00
Nail Resection or Removal $10.00
Skin Excision & Wound Dressing $115.00
Mirena Insertion $100.00
Mirena Removal $125.00??
Pregnancy Test $25.00
Skin Check $100.00
Histoacryl 0.5ml (Surgical Glue) $50.00-150.00??
Iron Infusion ** $100.00

**Fees are subject to change without notice, and the amount provided above reflect only the Treatment room fee. The gap fee not included in the table above.

LATE CANCELLATIONS AND NO SHOWS: Due to a high demand for Doctors and an increased number of patients not showing up for their appointments . If your circumstances change and no longer able to attend your appointment, please contact and cancel your appointment a minimum of 2 hour prior to the appointment time to avoid a non-attendance fee.

$20.00 for up to 10 minutes and $50.00 for long consult/ after hour consult/procedure consult.

Pathology/X-Ray: Pathology and Radiology services are not performed on the premises. Some Pathology/Radiology services attract out-of-pocket-expenses.